A.G.R. Group is committed to the following strategic goals:
1. Basic strategy:

- development of own infrastructure (most notably, grain elevators);
- diversification of plant growing (gardening, development of a fruit storage facility);
- expanding the arable land area.

2. To build a transparent public company attractive for investors; to launch an IPO; to develop a recognizable brand and a positive public image of the company.

3. To maintain high quality products in adherence to the international quality standards.

4. Production strategy:
- increasing the efficiency of existing business processes;
- introduction of modern efficient technologies, high quality crop materials while preserving the optimal level of expenses;
- effective use of financial instruments;
- implementation of information technologies to support business processes of the company.

5. Preserving the team
- developing expertise of employees (advanced training);
- developing personnel policy;
- improvement of employee motivation system.