Integrity and Compliance

Integrity is one of the most important values of AGR Group. We stick to due fulfillment of our obligations and expect the same from our partners. We believe that mutual respect and responsibility are essential to ensure durable and rewarding business relations.
The following principles guide the activities of AGR Group:

1. Initiative, which we understand as the ability to achieve the goals by our own initiative, invention, willingness to accept reasonable risk and implement original ideas.

2. Innovation. To increase our business efficiency, we implement progressive ideas and methods that require proficiency of our employees and quality supplies.

3. Social responsibility. 

In our work, we care about the interests and needs of both the communities we work in, and the global commons.

Long-term business relations are built on reliability, honesty and decency. Our company maintains zero tolerance to:

1. Bribery, fraud and other corrupt actions of employees who violate the interests of the company in favor of buyers, suppliers and other third parties.

2. Corrupt actions of counterparts aimed at obtaining unlawful benefits by creating interest with employees of the company.

3. Receiving gifts and participation in events that may have a corrupt effect on the company decisions.

4. Involvement of the company and its employees in money laundering and terrorist financing activities.

The above actions of our employees are seen as incompatible with the principles and values ​​of our company. For each identified case, appropriate measures are taken by the management and shareholders, and communicated to all employees.

In case of corrupt actions by our counterparts in relation to our company, such counterparts will be listed as unreliable and business relations with such will be terminated.

Our company is counting on reliable, honest and open relations with its employees and counterparts.