At A.G.R. Group finished the sowing campaign

Agroholding A.G.R. Group, which operates in four regions of Ukraine, has completed the spring sowing campaign 2020. The area of ​​agricultural land on which the agricultural holding A.G.R. Group - is 28.8 thousand hectares.

Agroholding A. G. R. Group, which operates in four regions of Ukraine, has completed the spring sowing campaign in 2020. The area of ​​agricultural land on which the agro holding A. G. R. Group operates is 28.8 thousand hectares.

This season, the company has focused on sowing soybeans and corn. Total was sown:

20,171.95 hectares of corn;
6,919.24 hectares of soybeans;
240 hectares of corn for silage.

The sowing campaign of the A. G. R. Group has started as planned in all four clusters of the company. For the work, 11 units of units were involved, taking into account the new equipment that was recently purchased from the agricultural holding. Also, all enterprises were provided with the necessary material, which is necessary for the successful completion of the sowing campaign: fertilizers, plant protection products, seeds, etc.

In addition, despite the situation in the world in connection with the COVID-19 epidemic and quarantine, the sowing campaign was successful. Holding specialists adhered to all sanitary standards and used protective equipment: gloves, masks, antiseptics. Also, a daily temperature measurement was organized for all employees of the A. G. R. Group. Not a single case of infection with coronavirus infection at the enterprises of the agricultural holding was recorded.

“We carried out the sowing campaign within the established agrotechnical terms, when the soil was warm enough. For corn, the optimal sowing time is when the soil at a depth of 5-10 cm warms up to a temperature of 8-10 ° C, and for soybeans - 12-14 ° C. Due to weather conditions, every day of delay in sowing corn, would mean a decrease in yield by 1%. Therefore, we decided not to wait with the start of sowing work. The end of the campaign was also carried out according to our plans, ”says the chief agronomist of the A. G. R. Group Alexander Arakelyan.

Also, the Chairman of the Board of A. G. R. Group Igor Shestopalov noted that in any case, Ukraine will have a harvest, despite the challenges that we face this season. We will remind, earlier in A. G. R. Group talked about the purchase of new equipment, which was attracted for the spring sowing campaign 2020.