In A.G.R. Group tested the sprayers

In the Lokhvytsia cluster of the agricultural holding A.G.R. Group specialists tested Case Patriot and STARA Imperador 4000 sprayers.

According to cluster leader Abrahamyan Armen, the Case Patriot sprayer model is very well suited to the specifics of local fields.

“The lands of our cluster have an uneven relief. Accordingly, we are now choosing a technique that will effectively cope with our tasks, given the hilly terrain. This model of sprayer has good damping and power, and this is important for work in our conditions. It is also very well controlled by pouring and it does not depend on the speed of the sprayer, ”says Abrahamyan Armen.

Specialists A.G.R. Group also tested a sprayer model from the Brazilian manufacturer STARA - Imperador 4000. This model is capable of spraying fields at high speeds and does not require height sensors.

Testing of new equipment takes place as part of the holding's transition to precision driving technology. Recall that earlier in the A.G.R. Group reported that in two clusters of the holding - Grebinka and Brovary, the technology of precision driving is being introduced. According to the holding, the technology has shown its effectiveness and will be implemented in the future on the last two clusters - Lokhvytsia and Chernihiv.

After testing, the most suitable sprayer model will be selected for the introduction of precision driving technology in all clusters of the holding A.G.R. Group.

We will remind, earlier experts of A.G.R. Group tested drones with multispectral cameras.