In 2021 A.G.R. Group plans to sow sunflower

Agrarian holding A.G.R. Group is changing the crop cultivation model. For several seasons in a row, only corn and soybeans were grown in all clusters of the holding. The agricultural holding made a decision in 2021 to include sunflower in the crop.

At the moment, soil preparation is underway in the Brovary cluster. It is there that it is planned to sow about 1492 hectares of sunflower.

“We have already drawn up a technology for growing sunflower: we have decided on hybrids, fertilizers, soil treatment, a system of protection against weeds, diseases and pests. The plan for the main tillage will be fulfilled in the fall, and for the application of fertilizers, depending on the type of fertilizer and the timing of the application, will be completed both in the fall and early spring. We apply anhydrous ammonia, potassium chloride, magnesium sulfate under the sunflower from fertilizers. Experiments on tillage are also being laid. We cultivate half of the field with subsoilers, and the other half with plows. This is done in order to better understand in the future which tillage is the most effective for sunflower for a given type of soil in this climatic zone, ”says analyst A.G.R. Group Sergey Khablak.

Agrochemical analyzes of soil in the Brovary cluster showed a high phosphorus content. This is a very good indicator for sunflower, so it does not need to be added. Together with the decision to sow sunflower, a new crop rotation is introduced in the agricultural holding - 3 years - corn, 1 year - sunflower.

The return of sunflower to the same field earlier than 3-4 years causes a strong decrease in yield and an increase in the development of diseases and pests.