At A.G.R. Group summed up the results of the 2020 harvest campaign

In the agricultural holding A.G.R. Group finished harvesting soybeans and corn.

This season the company has planted soybeans and corn on its land. The total area under crops is 27,091 ha. After the official end of the harvesting campaign, analysts of the holding summed up the results of the corn and soybean harvest this year.

The yield was:

corn - 7.8 tons per hectare;

soybeans - 2.7 tons per hectare.

To harvest the corn, John Deere combines with navigation and autopilot were used, with an accuracy of 3-4 cm (SF3) and with zero overlap along the seeding line. “This is a good result for us and it is higher than the average yield in Ukraine. 2020 with its “surprises” did not prevent us from achieving such indicators. All thanks to the fact that we prepared in advance for sowing, for harvesting, experimented a lot and introduced new technologies,” says Igor Shestopalov.

Let us remind you that earlier the holding reported that sunflower will be sown next season.