A.G.R. Group possesses three dairy farms in Poltava region. The livestock of 1330 cows, including 665 forage-fed cows, produces average daily milk yield of 11500 kg, or 20 liters per dairy cow. The products are sold to large dairy companies operating on Ukrainian domestic market. The average daily liveweight gain is 700 g per calf per day.

Livestock development depends largely on the forage base. The farms use a variety of fodders and mineral supplements. Intra-group feed supplies (fodder grain, mixed cattle feed, silage, etc.) are widely used.

Livestock is currently not of strategic importance for A.G.R. Group; nevertheless, it is a stable and profitable business within the group. The livestock is developed by means of profit reinvestment and natural increase of the herd. We constantly improve the genetic potential of our cattle stock by means of Holstein interbreeding. The company plans to buy heifers of Holstein breed and to develop a new stock breeding complex in Poltava region. The cattle farms undergo reconstructions and repairs of livestock buildings to ensure the most comfortable conditions fot the animals, icluding optimal microclimate in the premises, proper lighting and water supply, modern automatic milk collection system and renovated milking apparatuses.