Dear Partners!

To participate in our tenders, you are welcome to register at the A.G.R. Group APS Tender portal A.G.R. Group APS Tender. Please note the portal is optimized for Google Chrome. 
The tender commission of A.G.R. Group operates on the principles of transparency and collegiality under laws of Ukraine and internal regulations.
To participate in AGR tenders, a supplier must meet the following eligibility criteria:
1. Excellent business reputation.
2. Financial stability.
3. Compliance to the highest standards of business ethics and commitment to fraud, bribery and corruption control as provided in the Anticorruption notice of our proforma contract.
4. Optimal prices and acceptable payment terms, with deferred payment options.
5. Use of advanced technologies and modern materials.
6. Customer orientation and flexibility.
7. Ability to meet the declared delivery dates.
8. Optimal delivery terms.
9. Favorable warranty and service terms.
10. Free personnel training where equipment, machinery, software, etc. are supplied.

Our eligibility criteria for agricultural machinery:
1. Stability, durability and reliability in operation.
2. Best price/quality ratio.
3. Positive customer feedback.

If you doubt the integrity of our employees when determining the winner of a tender, please don’t hesitate to notify us promptly at tenders(at)agr-holding.com to trigger the investigation. The notice must be made on your company’s letterhead and signed by the director or other authorized person of your company.

You can also ask questions and provide information about your company at tenders(at)agr-holding.com