Specialists of A.G.R. Group conducted a test of drones with multispectrally cameras

In the first place was made a test fly with DJI quadrocopter Mavic 2 Zoom for agronautica of field crops. Also conducted testing on a quadrocopter that has a built-in multispectrally camera. This technique allows you to:

  • To identify fields with deviations from normal development to assess these areas to identify diseases and pests that reduce yields.
  • To identify the factors of negative impact on crops (personnel actions, drought, waterlogging, freezing and other weather conditions) and operational risk assessment from the adverse factors.
  • To detect other technological errors and negative impact on culture.

The use of drones in agriculture in the first place makes it easier to collect the necessary information about the condition of fields and crops. Unlike satellite technology, quadrocopter more mobile and have greater data granularity.

"The use of drones with cameras multispectrally allows you to identify the various technological shortcomings and other moments where you lose the profit in crop production. To find fields with deviations from normal development, to evaluate and to systematize them", – commented the head of Department of implementation and monitoring technologies in plant growing Sergey Ablak.

We will remind, earlier the agricultural holding A. G. R. Group carried out the purchase of new equipment.