Social projects

Social policy of A.G.R. Group
A.G.R. Group maintains programs and projects for the development of local communities. We create comfortable living conditions in the regions of our presence, and contribute to the sustainable development of Ukraine.
The social initiatives of A.G.R. Group on 3 key areas:
- development of public infrastructure
- healthcare for our employees and local residents 
- development of positive social environment.

The criteria for our choice for participation in social programs and projects are:
- compliance with A.G.R. social strategy;
- compliance with the region’s social order;
- inclusiveness for local residents;
- long life of the result.

Charitable institutions
Support and assistance to medical and educational institutions (including specialized schools, boarding schools and orphanages) in the regions of presence.

Support for initiatives and projects in healthcare and disease prevention, including targeted assistance for dangerously ill children and company employees.

Family and spiritual values
Support for initiatives and projects in strengthening and promotion of family and spiritual values​.

Support for initiatives and projects in education: schools, universities, preschool institutions etc.

Sport and lifestyle projects
Support for initiatives and projects in physical culture and sports, popularization of healthy lifestyle and sports, support of athletes with disabilities, support of rehab programs for athletes.
In addition, A.G.R. Group cooperates with local authorities by taking part in various community social programs in the regions of presence.