Crop growing

Crop production is the major activity of AGR Group. Production crops are corn, soybean and wheat.

Our crop yields are among the highest in Ukraine.

In 2018, AGR made the harvest of grain, beans and fodder crops of 179 645.22 MT, specifically:

Corn: 137 434.00 MT
Soya 19 039.26 MT
Wheat 7 407.32 MT
Fodder crops 15 764,64 tons.

In 2019:

Corn - 177 406,89

Soya - 19 508,44

Forage crops - 11 293,09

Total - 208 208,42

A.G.R. Group includes 19 farms in 4 regions of Ukraine. The land bank of A.G.R. Group is more than 28 thousand hectares located in the Kiev, Chernihiv, Poltava and Sumy regions of Ukraine.

Earth characteristics

Most of the arable land, about 77%, is located in the deep chernozem zone. In the remaining lands, podzoliс gray (ash gray) soils predominate.

Chernozem soils are high in humus content (5-15%), with neutral reaction and lumpy structure, which keeps moisture and is suitable for growing of most crops. Podzolic soils also allow to get stable yields of corn, rapeseed, soya with the relevant agrochemical technologies.
The annual rainfall in the areas is 550-650 mm, and the level of sun radiation is 3800 - 4200 MJ / sq.m, that is sufficient for cultivation of most crops.