About Us

A.G.R. Group
A.G.R. Group is a private agricultural holding bringing together 20 Ukrainian farming companies that specialize in corn, soybean, wheat and rye cultivation, with a minor livestock production. The holding unites people and companies with many years of production experience, adding qualified management, synergy and hi-end technologies to their value and efficiency.

We grow our crops from high quality seed under the latest farming technologies, so they all meet the standards of the global market and all crop output is intended for export.

Presentation Of The G. A. R. Group
area, thousand ha
The main business of A.G.R. Group
A.G.R. Group specialize in corn, soybean. Also holding maintains its own grain storage facilities.

The fertile and crop-friendly Poltava, Kyiv, Chernihiv, Mykolaiv and Sumy regions of Ukraine host our production lands, totaling about 42 000 hectares.
MT - grain storage facilities
Our production unit equipped with modern equipment of world brands
Our production units are equipped with hi-end agricultural machinery by John Deere, New Holland, Case, Zaffrani, Olimac Drago, PBN-30, Manitou, JCB Kinze, Horsch, Berthoud Raptor, Dammann, Kuhn, Kverneland, Farmet Kompaktomat, Gascon. There is also a fleet of MAZ trucks (Euro 5) and MAZ grain trailers. Since its formation, the holding has been steadily increasing both its production capacity and output. The company has accumulated many years of experience in agricultural production, which is successfully combined with the application of advanced technologies, modern equipment and agricultural machinery.
Our production assets include:
  • grain storage facilities of 55 000 MT capacity;
  • grain drying complex of 700 MT daily capacity;
  • equipment repair and maintenance facility;
  • mixing and storage units for crop protecting agents and fertilizers;
  • machinery fleet: 19 harvesters, 55 tractors, 31 reapers, 24 seeders;
  • 30 trucks; 
  • 36 other vehicles.
Strategy A.G.R Group is
Our strategy for development stipulates both extensive and intensive growth: expanding land area and development of new facilities is complimented with adoption of the latest technologies of land cultivation and processing.
Video presentation of A.G.R Group