Environmental safety

A.G.R. Group adheres to the national and international standards of environmental protection in agriculture. We use advanced and safe technologies for grain cultivation and harvesting, resource conservation and energy efficiency. We maintain proper control of hazardous substances and waste.
The agriholding has introduced the integral system of fertilizers and plant protectors use. The system includes satellite crop monitoring (CROPIO), agrochemical analysis of soil and leaf surface, analysis of meteorological data, field history, qualitative characteristics, manufacturers’ recommendations.
For the treatment of plants on the field we use modern spraying machines, which allow for selective administration of the chemicals and online control. The working mixtures are prepared on potent stationary mixing systems, which provide for high quality mixing and filtration and reduce negative effects on the environment. The sprayers are equipped with flow meters and mini-meteostations.
A.G.R. Group invests part of its profits in advanced agro-technologies and accounting tools in order to maintain a high-level organization and control over production processes. Comprehensive historical analysis, study and implementation of the latest achievements of agricultural science, personnel training, use of high-yielders and hybrid seeds ensure stable high renewal of the land potential and optimal utilization of the climatic resource.