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A.G.R. Group summarized the results of the 2019 harvest
Agroholding A.G.R. Group summed up the results of the 2019 harvest at its own enterprises, the total land bank of which exceeds 28 thousand hectares. In particular, the gross harvest of cereals, legumes and industrial crops amounted to 208 208 tons. In 2019, the structure of the acreage was changed - corn and soybeans were selected as the main crops. Accordingly, 177 406 tons of corn and 19 508 tons of soybean were harvested at the year-end.
Misak Khidiryan intends to attract foreign investment, said Igor Shestopalov, Chief Executive Officer of A.G.R. Group, in an interview for Fakty ICTV

Recently, Chief Executive Officer of A.G.R. Group Igor Shestopalov, told in an interview about the land market, the work of Misak Khidiryan in Ukraine, the new management structure of the holding, as well as technologies and trends of the agricultural market.

Аграрний холдинг A.G.R. Group вітає всіх з Новим Роком та Різдвом Христовим

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Аграрний холдинг A.G.R. Group вітає всіх з Новим Роком та Різдвом Христовим. Минулий рік був насиченим на події: ми розширювались, розробляли та втілювали нові технології, працювали над структурою холдингу, будували плани на майбутнє та досягали нових вершин. Все це відбулося завдяки нашій команді професіоналів та нашим партнерам.

A.G.R. GROUP approved new managements structure and appointed management

The agricultural holding A.G.R. Group approved the new management structure of the company and appointed the management of the company.

Misak Khidiryan, Armenian entrepreneur and financier, founder and sole shareholder of A.G.R., became the President and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Holding. From 2012-2013, Khidiryan invests in the agricultural sector of Ukraine. He is also the co-founder of the Hidrian Oganes Misakovich Charitable Foundation.

A.G.R. Group develops a fertilizer strategy to address unstable weather conditions

On December 17 – 20, representatives of the A.G.R. Group – Head of the Technology Implementation and Monitoring Department, Sergiy Khablak and Chief Agronomist Alexander Arakelyan, participated in the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Exact Soil Science and Zoning Management of Fields". The company’s experts attended the conference within the framework of work on the implementation of a long-term fertilizer strategy which considers unstable weather conditions.

Representatives of the agricultural holding A.G.R. Group met with a renowned European specialist in agronomy

Representatives of A.G.R. Group met and exchanged experience with one of Europe's renowned agronomy and agriculture experts, Agrar Consulting Tatzber's head Johann Tatzber.

From A.G.R. Group the meeting was attended by the operations director of the holding David Ananyan, the chief agronomist Alexander Arakelyan, the head of the technology implementation and monitoring department Sergey Hablak, as well as the agronomists and engineers of the holding.
A.G.R. Group tested a new technique that will increase yield by 15%

In the time of the constant and strong impact of the agricultural machinery on the soil and climate change the challenging issue is improving yields and protection of the soil from negative impact of the environment.

“With the development of agriculture, technology is becoming more powerful and, accordingly, harder. A large load on the soil compacts it, reduces aeration and water absorption, which impedes the development of plants and leads to a decrease in yield by more than 15%, ”said A.G.R. Group chief agronomist Alexander Arakelyan.

One of the youngest Doctors of Biological Science in Ukraine  works for  A.G.R. Group

Head of Technologies Implementation and Monitoring in Crop Farming of A.G.R. Group Sergiy Khablak defended a thesis and took PhD in Biological Science.
Having defended PhD thesis in Biological Sciences at the age of 37, Khablak became one of the youngest Doctors of Biological Science in Ukraine who are engaged in research and development in the sphere of crop farming and grain growing.

Igor Shestopalov, Chief Executive Officer: “A.G.R. Group was one of the firsts in Ukraine having tested the crop safe movement system “Friend or Foe 2.0”

The fourth AGROIT Forum 2019 on agro-innovations and technologies was held in Kyiv at the end of October. Farmers and technology providers met together to familiarize with the latest technological solutions and IT products for the agri-business within the single forum platform. A.G.R. Group was represented by Igor Shestopalov, Chief Executive Officer, Igor Bogdanov, IT Director, and Sergiy Piven, Head of IT System Support Department.

 Svitlana Korytska, Corporate Investments Director: “Agricultural holding A.G.R. Group intends to become a public company and arrange IPO”
The 18th annual Ukrainian Chief Financial Officers Forum was held in Kyiv on October 29-30, 2019. International experts, CEOs and top financial managers of the Ukrainian and international companies, analysts and representatives of the regulator took part in the forum discussions. One of the main issues of the forum was attracting by the Ukrainian companies of funding, in particular, foreign investments for their development.
День працівників сільського господарства України

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У останні дні збирання врожаю щиро вітаємо вас із професійним святом - Днем працівників сільського господарства України.

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Agrarian College in Poltava Region has obtained the cars from A.G.R. Group

On 29 October 2019 the solemn celebration of the 90th anniversary of Berezova Rudka Agrarian College of Poltava State Agrarian Academy took place in the village of Berezova Rudka, Pyriatyn District, Poltava Region.

Representatives of the agriholding A.G.R. Group and Charity Fund after Khidiryan Oganes Misakovich joined the college staff and students to celebrate this anniversary and presented two Renault cars.

Agricultural holding A.G.R. Group received the positive auditors’ report from KPMG

KPMG, one of the Big Four audit and consulting companies, prepared the positive report on the audit of financial statements of A.G.R. Group for the years 2016 and 2017. KPMG Independent Auditors’ Report dated 26 September 2019 contains the relevant information.

Chief Executive Officer of A.G.R. Group Igor Shestopalov: “Large farm companies are the most efficient form of agribusiness today”
Technological and management innovations, global challenges and profit-making cases were the main topics discussed at the Large Farm Management (LFM) conference on efficient management of agricultural companies held this year. Chief Executive Officer Igor Shestopalov represented A.G.R. Group at this conference.
A.G.R. Group implements the delivery of pre-prepared meal in retort pouches for its employees
In 2019, A.G.R. Group has launched the pilot pre-prepared meal delivery (in retort pouches TM “Portion”) for its employees engaged in agricultural works in 4 farming companies of the agricultural holding: “SEMENIVKA AGRO PLUS”, “KHARKIVETSKE”, “GYADT AGRO”, “MEGA MANAGEMENT PROJECT”.
Приватний Агрохолдинг A.G.R. Group розпочинає посівну кампанію по всіх кластерах в часовому проміжку з 20 по 30 квітня.

Приватний Агрохолдинг A.G.R. Group розпочинає посівну кампанію по всіх кластерах в часовому проміжку з 20 по 30 квітня. Основними посівними культурами в 2019 році обрано сою та кукурудзу. Попит на дані культури сталий, має тенденцію до зростання – це особливість не так внутрішнього, як світового ринку. Враховуючи той факт, що продукція рослинництва Агрохолдингу продається на експорт, вибір культур в посівній кампанії 2019 є оптимальним.

A.G.R. Group's harvest 2018
In 2018, the companies of A.G.R. Group had the harvest of corn, wheat and soybeans 60% higher than in 2017 and 68% higher in 2016.
A.G.R. Group completed acquisition of two new companies
In December 2018 A.G.R. Group completed the purchaseof two companies
A.G.R. Group invested $5.6 million in its technical fleet
Total investments of A.G.R. Group in new equipment and machinery reached $ 15.6 million.
A.G.R. Group joined the APS tender platform
A.G.R. Group joined the APS tender platform and purchased the software.