Про Холдинг

History of A.G.R. Group began in 2017 with formation of AGR Invest Holding Limited (Cyprus) with the purpose of direct investments into the agricultural sector of Ukraine. Adding to its land bank year by year, the agriholding now processes more than 28 thousand hectares of arable land. The land resources are located in the fertile and crop-friendly Kyiv, Chernihiv, Poltava and Sumy regions of Ukraine, famous for their chernozem (black earth) soils.

In addition to its traditional specialization in crop production, A.G.R. Group is also developing livestock and gardening. Today we unite 19 agricultural companies in the 4 regions of Ukraine.

The holding has formed its own park of modern agricultural machinery for every farming job: cultivation, sowing, fertilization and plant protection. In retrospect, own equipment use ratio has increased from 10% to 80%. Own modern machinery allows A.G.R. Group to carry out sowing and harvesting on time and achieve the highest grain quality indicators.