The representatives of A.G.R. Group visited the international exhibition «AgroVesna 2020»

From February 18 to 20, the International Exhibition Center hosted one of the largest events in the agricultural field - AgroSpring 2020, which combined the main exhibitions of the season - Grain Technologies, Agro Animal Show and Fruits. Vegetables. Logistics. Managers and leading experts of the agricultural holding A.G.R. Group attended the event and shared their impressions and useful insights.

David Ananyan
, Chief Operating Officer - Member of the Board

“Now the team of A.G.R. Group is working on the construction of a grain elevator in the Sumy Oblast, as well as plans to launch other agricultural storage facilities. Therefore, in the first place, we were interested in representatives of the elevator business. At AgroSpring 2020 we were able to communicate not only with Ukrainian companies, but also from Germany and the United States, about the construction of elevators. Also, we visited the livestock sector. Such events are a great opportunity to find new partners."

Igor Bogdanov, Information Technology Director

“The exhibition was attended by representatives of navigation systems and equipment salesmen. This was especially helpful and interesting because A.G.R. Group always follows current trends to be able to quickly bring technological innovations into operation. Technologies in the agricultural sector are developing rapidly, and thanks to such exhibitions we are able to monitor the development of technologies."

Svitlana Korytska, Director of Corporate Relations - Member of the Board

“Such exhibitions are important for the development of agriculture in Ukraine. She concluded that modern technologies can make agriculture more productive and environmentally friendly. But all this requires resources and especially financial resources. However, it is difficult enough to find the financial resources to develop companies like ours. We are medium sized and therefore cannot take full advantage of the small and large farms. For example, farms may receive preferential financing, which will be sufficient to support their farm. In most cases, large agricultural holdings have access to foreign financial markets with attractive interest rates, enabling them to continue to grow their businesses. I hope that in the future we will also have access to financial resources at a cost that will allow our business to grow.”

Maryna Shevchuk, Investor Relations Manager

“The exhibition left a pleasant impression. I was particularly surprised by the number of international experts in the field of grain and livestock who participated in this exhibition. The seminars at which international experts shared their experience and further plans for cooperation with Ukrainian companies were interesting.”