Grain storage

A.G.R. Group possesses its own grain storage facilities of 55,000 MT capacity:
1) Brovary cluster – floor storage of 9,500 MT; metal tank elevator storage of 7,000 MT; BONFANTI grain dryer with drying capacity of 400 MT per day;
2) Lokhvytsia cluster - floor storage of 5,000 MT;
3) Hrebinka cluster – floor storage of 9,000 MT;
4) Davydivka Cluster – floor storage of 7,550 MT, SUKUP dryer with drying capacity of 300 MT per day.

The agriholding plans to develop its own grain elevator storage facilities in Chernihiv and Poltava regions (Yahotyn, Lokhvytsya). This will satisfy our own storage needs, as well as let us offer storage services in the regions, that currently experience shortage of elevator storage facilities. The agriholding is attracting investments to implement these projects.
Елеватор A.G.R. GROUP Серединна Буда