Vision. Mission. Values

Our Vision
We strive to lead Ukrainian agribusiness and become a public company which meets the highest standards in agribusiness, both by its form and essence.

Our Mission
To provide high yields of crop production on the principles of efficiency, energy saving and eco-friendliness, to meet the needs of consumers in high quality products and to prevent food shortages, to provide profit to the shareholders, decent remuneration to the staff, and protection to the environment.
Our Values

1. To save and grow our achievements in the business where we have expertise and competence.

We have achieved outstanding results in crop production. We aim to further enhance our professionalism to achieve the best results in our business.

2. Flawless business reputation. Compliance with laws and regulations.

Our good business practice today does the groundwork of trust in us in the future.
Our company is in the stage of growth and development, so we are interested in attracting investments and borrowing funds, and strengthening relations with our business partners. Our ability to attract loans and investments in the long run is a competitive advantage for business development and long-term sustainable growth.
We are working to create a public company with transparent processes and progressive management. We are sure that our today’s efforts for building trust with our partners will pay off manifold in the future.

3. Long-term financial stability.

Our company is focused on achieving long-term results. So financial stability is crucial to for our plans to be brought to life. Solving this task requires prudent and reasonable approach to setting strategic goals and objectives. Financial stability is the key to long-term successful relationships with our partners, primarily banks and investors.

4. Professional approach to production, management and change.

We do what we can do well. We are constantly improving the technologies and processes used, learn and implement advanced production methods. We are monitoring global practice and analyzing changes to keep abreast of the times.

5. Team work.

A professional team of like-minded people is our most valuable resource for success. Our strength lies in mutual support and respect, as well as in the team that combines the experience and professionalism of maturity with activity and fresh ideas of youth. The unity of these qualities creates the positive image and  good reputation of our company.