A.G.R. Group’s analyst Serhii Khablak addressed a conference on changing the harmfulness of pests and the climatic conditionality of this factor

On February 10, the conference “Agronomist Day: Get a Guaranteed Harvest” took place. The event was held in order to exchange experience and best practices among the leading agricultural companies in Ukraine. The participants of the event have focused their attention on methods of effective management according to climate changes and obtaining the guaranteed harvest even during a prolonged drought. Some of the speeches were also devoted to the accumulation and preservation of soil moisture: participants shared their own insights in that regard. 

The head of department of integration and monitoring of technologies in crop production of Agricultural Holding A.G.R. Group Serhii Khablak also presented his report. A representative of our holding focused his presentation on the question of changing the harmfulness of pests. Sergey also touched upon the topic of updating the strategies of corn protection from pests and weeds in the context of climate change in 2019/20.