Analyst A.G.R. Group told UA: Pershiy TV channel about the influence of weather conditions on crop yields

Spring 2020 was not easy enough for Ukrainian farmers. Sharp temperature changes, insufficient moisture in the soil, dust storms. All these factors have caused significant damage to future crops.

This is what the head of the department of implementation and monitoring of technologies in crop production A.G.R. Group Serhiy Khablak on UA: Pershiy TV channel.

The host of the program asked how to help grain in extreme weather conditions.

"This season has really been quite extreme for our holding. Winter was without precipitation, without snow. The same was true in the spring. In general, the sowing campaign began at the optimal time for us, but without enough moisture. Now we will monitor the situation in June to get a more detailed picture of the upcoming harvest, "said Sergei Khablak.

Also, the analyst of the agricultural holding Serhiy Khablak spoke on the air of UA: Pershiy TV channel about mineral fertilizers that can somewhat correct the negative impact of weather conditions on the future harvest.