A.G.R. Group agricultural holding purchased John Deere 8R 340 tractors for “Brovary” and “Chernihiv” clusters

The fleet of vehicles of A.G.R. Group agricultural holding was replenished with John Deere 8R 340 tractors on the basis of “Brovary” and “Chernihiv” clusters. These tractors can carry out almost all types of field cultivation (sowing, disk, deep loosening and enrichment of the soil with mineral fertilizers). Engine hp is 374 Max and 340 hp rated.

John Deere 8R 340 has a completely new, revolutionary feature that downloads all the data needed to complete individual jobs directly into the tractor system. This will greatly simplify the process, because the tractor will be ready for operation in the field much faster, and the possibility of incorrect settings is eliminated. Tractors can also be remotely monitored using the JDLink telematics system at the request of the client, which will ensure maximum operating life.  

Driving is easy with the new CommandPRO joystick and 11 customizable buttons. It is the perfect interface to make each operator's work shift more comfortable and productive. In addition, the operators of our holding will appreciate the updated design and high functionality of the salon: comfortable seats with a massage system, climate control, a built-in refrigerator, LED and acoustic systems. By the way, the memorable design of the tractor was developed in collaboration with experts from the BMW Designworks studio in California.

The head of the Brovary cluster David Sarkisovich Avagyan was able to estimate the advantages of this machine: “The acquisition of John Deere 8R 340 is a wonderful investment and a forward-looking decision that covers a large number of tasks of our cluster. The tractor will be able to take part in all field operations. Its characteristics and implemented updates will make it possible to carry out field work efficiently, that is very important in the agricultural sector. Our task is efficient work and high rates, and with the efficiency of such equipment, we will certainly increase the productivity of our labor".

The chief agronomist of the Chernihiv cluster, Senchenko Lyudmila Valentinovna, noted that the purchase of this tractor model would significantly simplify and optimize spring field work. Lyudmila also summarized that the purchase of equipment with innovative technologies and the renewal of the tractor fleet of A.G.R. Group have an excellent effect on the productivity of the cluster and, of course, the qualitative and quantitative indicators of the agricultural holding in general.