A.G.R. Group implements the delivery of pre-prepared meal in retort pouches for its employees

In 2019, A.G.R. Group has launched the pilot pre-prepared meal delivery (in retort pouches TM “Portion”) for its employees engaged in agricultural works in 4 farming companies of the agricultural holding: “SEMENIVKA AGRO PLUS”, “KHARKIVETSKE”, “GYADT AGRO”, “MEGA MANAGEMENT PROJECT”.


Quick and timely delivery of healthy foods to the employees is especially important in the busy farming season – seasonal farm works. Launch of the pre-prepared food delivery servicing (in retort pouches TM “Portion”) has allowed A.G.R. Group to reach the following targets related to optimization of the operating processes in the farming companies:


Healthy and nutritious meals delivery to the employees.
Since the staff scientists of the State Institution “O.M. Marzieiev Institute for Public Health of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine” have participated in developing TM “Portion” meals, we believe that our employees eat the meals of the highest standards and receive necessary energy for their efficient work.


Favorable nutritive process implementation.
At the beginning of the working day the employees engaged in agricultural works receive the individual meal packs and take them along. The meals can be easily heated on the heater core or heat radiator in the hot weather, and with the use of the flameless heater in the cold weather. Such approach allows the employees to be autonomous and exposed to no external factors if it concerns their own health and personal security.


The employees of the agricultural holding appreciated the benefits of such an approach. Yaroslav Chapliuk, the tractor driver of “KHARKIVETSKE”, said, “Individual meal packs are really handy, nutritious and can be easily used at any time”.


Reflecting expenses for meals in accounting statements.
Expenses for meals include only purchase of the pre-prepared meal in retort pouches without any expenses related to the salary payments to the cooks and drivers, kitchen maintenance expenses, purchase of food and fuels.


Taking care of our employees, A.G.R. Group has determined to continue further cooperation with TM “Portion” and implement pre-prepared meal delivery in retort pouches in all farming companies of the agricultural holding.