A.G.R. Group implements precision farming strategy

Recently, precision farming technology has gained popularity in the agricultural sector. This is a system of measures and technological methods that allow more efficient processing of fields, fertilizing, minimizing the negative impact on the environment and so on.

The precision farming system begins with precise driving with a precise signal. A.G.R. Group is already introducing the transition to accurate correction signals (2.5 - 4 cm) for its own equipment - John Deere tractors, Case tractors and Berthoud Raptor sprayers, which are used for fertilizing and plant protection products. Techniques where John Deere equipment is installed use the SF3 correction signal with an accuracy of 3 cm, and technicians with Trimble equipment installed use CenterPoint RTX with an accuracy of 3.8 cm.

“Previously, we used technologies that made differences of 15–20 cm. With the development of technology, we realized that driving should be made more accurate. Exact correction signals will allow us not to spoil the grain but not to compact the soil. Over time, we plan to introduce technologies that allow you to apply the exact amount of fertilizer, taking into account the characteristics of the soil and, in general, make the processes of growing and collecting plants as accurate and high-tech as possible, ”said Alexander Arakelyan, chief agronomist A.G.R. Group

Precise driving technologies provide high-quality field work with any visibility (night, fog, etc.), a sharp decrease in the percentage of reseeding and double processing of plant protection products. In addition, the main goal of introducing accurate driving is to reduce company costs by:

- positioning and navigation of agricultural machinery;

- monitoring of meteorological conditions;

- plant protection;

- technical control of the condition and operation of agricultural machinery;

- control of the quantity and quality of the crop at all stages of collection and storage.

“The introduction of precision farming should be phased, with testing and implementation of pilot projects. There are many products on the market that offer precision farming elements that are not yet ideal for their use in agriculture. However, they are constantly being improved. At the moment, it’s important for us to introduce such products, from which there will be the greatest efficiency and profitability, ”said Sergey Khablak, head of the technology implementation and monitoring department, introducing precision farming.