A.G.R. Group expands its activities to the Kherson Region: the agricultural holding acquires Alfa-Pharm and Eurasia-Agro from the American company AG MANAGEMENT GROUP LLC

A.G.R. Group (President Misak Khidiryan) now owns Alfa Pharm and Eurasia-Agro, companies that operate in the Kherson Region. The agricultural holding has acquired these companies from the American company AG MANAGEMENT GROUP LLC. On the part of A.G.R. Group the transaction support (including due diligence and preparation of the necessary documents) was provided by the international law firm Baker & McKenzie, and on the part of the seller the transaction was supported by Kinsel & Co. Currently the total area of lands owned by A.G.R. Group, along with this acquisition, exceeds 32 thousand hectares out of which over 2 thousand hectares include lands under irrigation.


This event is of a considerable strategic importance for the Group. The company, in addition to various crop growth optimization models, implements the plan of irrigated agriculture development, crop yield growth, and aims to increase the irrigated land area, drainage structure and holding’s agricultural potential. Kherson lands have been integrated to serve the irrigation strategy of the company.


“In 2021, the irrigation in Kherson will cover about 1930.1 hectares of corn, 100 hectares of soybeans, 304 hectares of winter barley, 119.6 hectares of winter wheat, and 304 hectares of soybeans (second harvest) planted into winter barley stubble. Some rainfed areas will have green and bare fallow lands left. Also, we have scheduled a number of field experiments to improve the crop growing technology to be applied in the Kherson Region,” Serhii Khablak, Head of the Crop Production Technologies Introduction and Monitoring Department, said.


The facilities have been audited to set forth the key directions for the cluster development, especially in the technology support area. Igor Bogdanov, Chief Information Officer at A.G.R. Group, outlines the following steps for the technologies implementation by the Group newcomers:


  • connection to the Agrocontrol IoT platform;
  • lands information automation, application of GIS systems;
  • RTK field boundary mapping;
  • automation of the fuel management procedure with the transfer of data to the 1C and Agrocontrol applications to account the fuel receipt and dispensing;
  • automation of weighing facilities with automatic data transfer to the accounting system;
  • installation of trackers on all machines with the purpose of their monitoring, reading all CAN bus data and transferring them to the Agrocontrol system;
  • accounting of agricultural operations carried out via Agrocontrol;
  • installation of Frigate operations monitoring and water metering systems.


“Our aim is to attract investments in field irrigation for the entire Kherson cluster, automate water and power consumption, increase productivity and reduce the dependence on weather conditions through irrigation,” Igor Bogdanov highlights.


A.G.R. Group now faces ambitious challenges and tasks. We are proud to have such a beneficial and promising object within our holding’s assets, and we are happy that we can preserve jobs and attract new specialists to the region. Our top priority is to develop ourselves and develop the Ukraine’s agricultural sector on the whole. This project is, indeed, a truly new milestone in the history of our holding.