G. A. R. Group moved on to special working conditions during quarantine

In connection with the spread of the epidemic coronavirus, in all enterprises of the agricultural holding A. G. R. Group has taken the necessary measures to prevent disease of the employees. The corresponding decree was developed by COO David Ananyan.


At the enterprises of A. G. R. Group has taken all the necessary measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Namely:

  • All employees who can work from home, transferred to the remote mode;
  • Employees who have any symptoms of SARS (fever, runny nose, cough and the like) to be prohibited in the workplace;
  • The continuous temperature measurement in workers. In cases of rising temperatures, the employees are forbidden to be in the workplace;
  • Canceled or postponed all business;
  • All companies A. R. G. Group placed funds hand disinfection.

"We immediately responded to the changing situation and has taken all necessary measures to prevent the spread of infection COVID-19. We have taken steps allow you to take care of the health of each employee and not to stop business processes. For all of our businesses were acquired disinfectant and non-contact thermometers. We will continue to track the dynamics of the spread of coronavirus and respond appropriately to new challenges", says operational Director of A. R. G. Group David Ananyan.

Now the agricultural holding A. G. R. Group fulfils all the recommendations of the Ministry of health will continue to monitor the situation.