Igor Shestopalov, Chief Executive Officer: “A.G.R. Group was one of the firsts in Ukraine having tested the crop safe movement system “Friend or Foe 2.0”

The fourth AGROIT Forum 2019 on agro-innovations and technologies was held in Kyiv at the end of October. Farmers and technology providers met together to familiarize with the latest technological solutions and IT products for the agri-business within the single forum platform. A.G.R. Group was represented by Igor Shestopalov, Chief Executive Officer, Igor Bogdanov, IT Director, and Sergiy Piven, Head of IT System Support Department.

Igor Bogdanov said, “We are living in the time of technologies development which is closely connected with our work and daily routine. Many of us use artificial intelligence, big data, robotics technology, 3D printing on every day basis. IT technologies become an integral part of agri-business which is nowadays focused on implementation of satellite farming, telemetrics, land measuring by means of UAV (drones), GPS navigation etc.”  

As Igor Bogdanov mentioned, the representatives of A.G.R. Group have familiarized themselves with the new technologies, did networking with the companies implementing agro-innovations, shared experiences with the representatives of the other farming enterprises as well as defined the further plans to test the suggested technological solutions on the lands of the holding. He added, “We were impressed by the presentation of “SmartDrones” company having implemented the broad-scale project of the lands measuring by means of UAV (drones) within a short time. With that said, precision of measurements was 20 сm which was a very good result. The use of drones became a routine issue in the agribusiness but the scope of their application is constantly being expanded.”  

Chief Executive Officer of A.G.R. Group Igor Shestopalov noted that the holding uses the range of innovative solutions and analytics systems to get the maximum yields and efficient land management. Mr. Shestopalov said, “We are striving to be among the leaders in implementing agrarian innovations. In 2019 our holding was one of the firsts in Ukraine having tested the crop safe movement system “Friend or Foe 2.0” from the “Agrocontrol” company. This system allows remotely control and guarantee the crop safe movement from the combine in the field to the definite location. The pilot project implemented in one of the cluster enterprises, namely, “Grebinka” is successful, so we will use the system in all clusters of A.G.R. Group in 2020”.