A.G.R. GROUP approved new managements structure and appointed management

The agricultural holding A.G.R. Group approved the new management structure of the company and appointed the management of the company.

Misak Khidiryan, Armenian entrepreneur and financier, founder and sole shareholder of A.G.R., became the President and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Holding. From 2012-2013, Khidiryan invests in the agricultural sector of Ukraine. He is also the co-founder of the Hidrian Oganes Misakovich Charitable Foundation.

Igor Shestopalov was appointed CEO and Chairman of the Management Board. In 2018, Igor Shestopalov joined the A. R. G. Group team to lead the Investor Relations Department. Has over twenty years of experience in business and banking.

From the first days of A.G.R. Group David Ananyan – professional manager with many years of experience – is a member of the company’s team. His area of ​​responsibility is crop production, dairy production and the grain farm. Now David Ananyan is Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Holding Board.

Svitlana Korytska, a specialist in finance, auditing and investment, held the position of Director of Corporate Investments and Member of the Board of the Holding.

Commenting on the decision, President and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the A.G.R. Group Misak Khidiryan noted that it is related to the fact that the holding company introduces international corporate governance standards and seeks to be more transparent and understandable to foreign investors. According to him, this also applies to other changes occurring in the A.G.R. Group.

“The management of the company, which includes economists and financiers, lawyers and business planners, agronomists and logisticians, has many years of specialized experience, professional knowledge and a genuine desire to develop agrarian business of Ukraine, relying on modern advanced technologies and equipment, knowledge and careful attitude to the land,” Misak Khidiryan added.

The full composition of the management of the Holding can be found at the link.

We remind that the A.G.R. Group announced its intention to become a publicly traded company and is considering an IPO. To this end, the Holding has already successfully restructured, received a positive audit opinion from KPMG, and implemented international corporate governance standards.